In addition to my research activities I also participate public understanding of science activities and have helped out at open days for my departments in the past. I have also given many public talks and contributed to various articles.

List of astronomy activities:


List of articles in the news:

Recordings of accessible public talks:

Other previous public talk titles:

  • “Stars in their death throes”
  • “Supernova Kicks and Runaway Stars”
  • “The Science of Sci-Fi: The Good the Bad and the Ugly”
  • “The Science of Sci-Fi: does every planet look just like home?”
  • “How do you merge two black holes?”
  • “We are all made of stardust but gold, silver and platinum are neutron stardust”
  • “How old are the oldest stars”

Upcoming events

No talks currently scheduled. Like to invite me to give a talk at your society? Email: j.eldridge [at] auckland.ac.nz


If you need a short introduction text for me I suggest the following:

“Dr JJ Eldridge is currently an Associate Professor and the current academic head of the Department of Physics at the University of Auckland. Her general research concerns the lives and deaths of stars, from those in our own Galaxy to those in galaxies at the edge of the observable Universe. Particularly the effects of binary interactions on the lives of binary stars and how these change the appearance of galaxies, alter the rates of different types of supernovae and gravitational wave events.”

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